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At Alcester Home Care, we are rated a 'Good'  award-winning home care provider with a mission to enrich quality of life by providing heartfelt home care and support through life's journeys.


Since 2017, we have strengthened our team and broadened our services to offer heartfelt home care throughout Warwickshire and Worcestershire. 

From companionship and home help, daily personal care to 24 hour care and specialist care conditions such as dementia through to complex care, our experienced team will be by your side to offer peace of mind and support.

Enabling yourself and your loved ones to access an enriched life is at the heart of everything we do.

Your Home, Your Health, Your Choice

Our values remain at the forefront of our hearts and minds to ensure that you receive responsive, respectful and dignified home care.

Alcester ​Home Care is an owner-managed business. The 3 directors are supported by an experienced management team and together we manage a fantastic front line team.

Our Directors

Dr Andrew Wallis

My name is Andrew Wallis, I have been a doctor since 1991, and have worked in Alcester as a GP since 1999.

In that time, I have seen many changes in the way the NHS looks after people, but I can also see that what people want from their carers has not changed.

We all want to be cared for by someone who genuinely cares about us, cares about how we feel and who listens to us. Some who has our best interests at heart.

Our homes are where we feel safest and we all want to stay in them for as long as we possibly can.

Too often I have seen people forced to leave their own homes and go into residential care because the care they needed just wasn't available for them.

That’s why I have helped to create this home care agency, because I think we owe it to you to do better, and to keep you in your own home, and independent for longer.

I think we offer something special, something other agencies just don’t cater for.

Why not call us, and let us see how we can help you, or your loved ones?

Sister Terri-Anne Thompson

Hi my name is Terri-Anne Thomson and I’m an experienced Nurse Practitioner, of 17 years, working within a local GP surgery and have a passion for providing high quality, effective personal care to all of my patients. I specialise in minor illness, triage, long term medical care, medicines management and respiratory care.

The provision of NHS care is changing; we are becoming more dependent on community based social and healthcare providers. Through Alcester Home Care I hope to be able to provide a single point of access for all possible social, personal and healthcare requirements an individual and their families may have, and to provide this support to the highest possible standard.

From a personal point, I have been on the side of the family member in need of help, depending on the care provider for support and guidance. At times we felt alone and unsure how to co-ordinate all of our needs and whom to ask for help. I hope to be able to support the families to assess, predict and react quickly to changing needs, adjusting and most importantly co-ordinating personalised packages of care.

Tom Wallis

I've worked in the NHS as a business manager and business partner since 2014, but I've been involved with NHS primary care since 2012.

I want to build on this NHS experience to make the care of people in their own homes as good as it can be. I believe that by selecting good caring people to work with and then investing in them, investing in their on going training and development I can make a real difference to the care people receive.

I hope I can help you to select the best care to meet the care needs of your family and friends, by navigating the financial world that lies in front of us all to ensure you get the benefits and entitlements you deserve.

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