Why Choose Care At Home

For many people, it is important to stay at home in their own surrounding and near to family and friends. Remaining independent may be very important to you but can mean you need a little extra help.


Carefully chosen home care can often be the perfect solution to getting a little help whilst retaining a good level of personal freedom.

Reasons for choosing home care can vary 


Sometimes after a stay in the hospital, someone might find they need some help whilst they recuperate. Others can find that a long-term condition or disability means they need some help at home


How you access care at home can also vary


After a hospital stay, someone may carry out an assessment to see if home care might benefit you


You or those close to you might notice changes in your ability to manage the day-to-day things like preparing meals or looking after yourself. If this happens, speak to us to discuss how we can support you to meet your specific requirements


Councils have a duty to carry out care needs assessments for anyone who might need help, the results of which can point you towards the right kind of help for you.


The level of home care provided can be tailored to meet your needs – ranging from visits once a day to more in-depth support. We can support with personal care such as washing and dressing.


Even those with significant health conditions can get a level of skilled personal care that can enable them to stay in their own home. We can provide 24 hour care, where a carer will stay with you at home to support you throughout the day and night. 


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